15 Inspiring kitchens with blue kitchen cabinets

15 Inspiring kitchens with blue kitchen cabinets

Inspiring kitchens with blue kitchen cabinets

Blue is such a modern and trendy color for a kitchen and you can find this cool color tone in many creative kitchen examples. Blue kitchen cabinets can lift up the design of any regular kitchen, or a more subtle blue kitchen island combined with another color on the main cabinets can be such a beautiful color play that enhances the look and design of the space.

15 Blue kitchen cabinets ideas to get inspiration from

Below I compiled a list of the most inspiring kitchens with blue cabinets. The designs come in many different layouts, with different material compositions and in different shades of blue. Blue cabinets or a blue island complement well with white marble or stainless steel, which enhance the cool undertones of paint, while warm gold and wood tints tend to balance out the look and add warmth.

A blue kitchen island and stainless steel appliances

This beautiful shaker kitchen with dark blue cabinets and a blue kitchen island combines wonderfully with the thin white marble countertop and a low marble backsplash to finish things off. The upper area of the kitchen has been kept white for a light look that matches the light wood floor.

The stainless steel appliances enhance the cool undertones of the deep blue cabinets and the steel comes back in the subtle handles on the cabinets as well.

A shaker kitchen with dark blue cabinets and limestone countertops

This beautiful studio home kitchen has deep, yet slightly pale blue kitchen cabinets in a shaker design with a layout that goes high up to make optimal use of this space in this small studio apartment. The limestone countertops add a warm touch to the space and complement the flooring very nicely. The blue kitchen cabinets start at floor level and continue all the way up to the ceiling for an elegant effect.

Light blue cabinets combined with white marble and stainless steel

This beautiful home has a subtle yet characterful light blue kitchen with steel handles and white marble countertops combined with a low marble backsplash. The marble brings out the cool tones in the space even more and the minimal design of the cabinets works well with this color palette.

Deep blue paint combined with a subway tile backsplash

The kitchen in this beautiful Swedish home has such a beautiful combination of materials. The white tiles with black grout contrast so nicely with the blue kitchen cabinets, the beige wall, and the exposed brick section in the dining area of this kitchen. I like the clean touch the chrome handles add to the dark blue kitchen cabinets and the white countertops make the transition between the blue paint on the cabinets and the beige paint on the wall smooth in a way.

A blue island as a separator combined with beige kitchen cabinets

In this majestic living kitchen, the blue kitchen island is used to separate the living area from the kitchen. Rather than combining the blue islands with more blue kitchen cabinets, the design looks more balanced and subtle with the two-tone color choice.

Shaker cabinets with blue painted combined with a subway tile backsplash

This Swedish home has a large kitchen with the most beautiful herringbone flooring. The warm tones of the wood floors are contrasted with the cool undertones of the blue kitchen cabinets and brightened up with the white tile backsplash. Upper cabinets are only used on the wall furthest from the window and finished off with white trim on top. This makes the layout of the kitchen much lighter and I like the floating shelf that has been covered with the same blue paint color.

Blue kitchen cabinets with gold accents and sage green walls

The blue kitchen combined with a natural wood kitchen island in this old station house is such a masterpiece. Half the kitchen walls have been lined with subway tile, which goes over into the sage green paint on the upper part. The deep blue color of the cabinets is enhanced with beautiful gold accents in the handles, which make a beautiful focal point in the space. The gold faucet and the subtle gold light fixtures add elegance, while the kitchen island adds a timeless look to the space.

A light blue and blue-green kitchen with green flooring

The kitchen in this characterful home has a beautiful mix of light teal and light blue kitchen cabinets combined with teal flooring. The light blue cabinets work wonderfully together with the green-blue tints, the wood countertops, and the cognac leather of the dining chairs. Such a characterful space full of color trends and personality.

A classic blue kitchen with a ceiling-high subway tile wall

While blue cabinets tend to work a bit more modern, the blue kitchen in this beautiful apartment has a bit more of a rustic and classic look. The white porcelain sink combined with the vintage round dining table and the wood open shelving adds a cozy touch to this space and I think the little pendant light above the table finishes off the look in such a perfect way.

Blue paint on modest shaker cabinets with gold accents

This blue kitchen is finished off with subway tile as well, yet I think the way the coffee corner has been finished off with the same tile is quite interesting. The exposed brick wall and the gold handles on the cabinets warm up the cool tones of the blue kitchen and the gold faucet finishes the look off nicely.

A blue kitchen island, stainless steel appliances, and limestone countertops

This beautiful Swedish home has a characterful blue kitchen with limestone countertops and a blue kitchen island that separates the kitchen from the living area in an elegant way. The limestone is also used as a backsplash and the stainless steel appliances cabinet handles and faucet add a clean and elegant touch to the space.

A light blue kitchen island in an all-white attic apartment

The blue kitchen island is the center of this living kitchen and also the biggest element in terms of layout. The walls have quite an awkward shape, yet the kitchen has been fitted in perfectly. The light blue kitchen island also serves as a separator between the dining area and the kitchen and I like that the back side of the blue kitchen island has open shelving for the most cherished porcelain pieces.

The stainless steel countertops match so nicely with the modern color palette of the kitchen and give it a clean look.

A blue kitchen with a vintage dining table

The blue kitchen in this Swedish home with stainless steel appliances, chrome handles and faucet, and white marble countertops has a very cool appearance, yet this is balanced out so nicely with the characterful vintage dining table and chairs that add such a warmth to the space.

Stained blue kitchen cabinets made out of oak

The stained oak upper cabinets in this beautiful kitchen create an interesting contrast with the lower cabinets in blue. The beautiful limestone countertop finishes it off nicely and connects the two-toned upper and lower cabinets together. The kitchen island is fully made out of the same limestone as the countertops and backsplash and I think the pendant lights with black detailing finish it all off perfectly.

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