Atmosphere Furniture: 5 Ways With Arched Mirrors

Simple sophistication with beautiful curves – this is how we’d describe the latest collection of arched mirrors from Atmosphere Furniture. We’re already dreaming up all the possibilities with a gorgeous arched mirror as a statement piece in every room.

It’s all about those curves

Bring added dimension to your interior with a bold arched mirror. Why settle for regular box-shaped frames when you can add interest and create a focal point in your space! This collection from Atmosphere FUrniture is far from boring. In fact, each mirror carries its own graceful presence. Each one is distinct too, so you can choose one that resonates with you to bring a unique new look to your favourite room.

How to place an arched mirror?

If you need some inspiration, we can certainly help with these top 5 placement ideas for your home…

  • Place a large arched mirror in a grand entryway and make it a focal point as you step into your front door.
  • Give a hallway or passage that wow factor with a gorgeous arched mirror that will not only add style but will help to reflect much-needed natural light into the space.
  • An oversized arched mirror is a wonderful addition to your master suite. Mount it to a wall or let it lean naturally against a bare surface for added appeal and a modern chic look in your bedroom.
  • Let’s not forget your living room. A large arched mirror can be an eyecatching statement against a living room wall.
  • Above a staircase. Add a beautiful mirror to draw the eye upward along a beautiful stairwell.

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