Foodie Friday: Mango, coconut and ginger trifle

Foodie Friday: Mango, coconut and ginger trifle

A gluten and dairy free dessert from Amanda at The Cordony Kitchen, this one is so easy to make!


Mango, coconut and ginger trifle

Amanda from The Cordony Kitchen brings us the quickest and easiest dairy and gluten-free crowdpleaser dessert you'll ever make, from her gorgeous new Christmas Recipe eBook 2022!
Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 6


  • 2 400ml tins coconut cream refrigerated overnight
  • 4 mangoes
  • 350 grams gluten-free ginger biscuits
  • Half cup flaked coconut toasted
  • 1 lime zested


  • In a food processor blend 3 mangoes. Place the solid white part of the coconut cream into the food processor. Blend until smooth, about 2 minutes on high.
  • In a 20cm glass trifle stand add 3 ladles of mango mixture to the base followed by a layer of ginger biscuits. Repeat with another layer of mango mixture and biscuits, save 1 biscuit to crumble on top of the trifle.
  • Spread the last of the mango mixture on top.
  • Slice the remaining mango on top of the trifle and set it in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
  • When ready to serve, add one crumbled ginger biscuit, toasted coconut and lime zest.

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