GamFratesi Designs Coffee Tables Resembling Doric Columns

Doric Espresso Tables are minimalist coffee tables made by Copenhagen-based studio GamFratesi for Gubi. Offered for the duration of 3daysofdesign, the coffee tables characteristic a vertical fluting intently resembling its namesake: the Doric column. Greek and Roman architects made use of grooves to current a far more rounded profile even though retaining rhythm and harmony to the sort.

Not not like the Danish-Italian duo that make up GamFratesi, the desk is an expression of dualities, harmoniously merging opposing characteristics into a one, coherent expression. The table will be readily available in two sizes and in two styles of natural stone: travertine or limestone.

Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi clarify, “By reinterpreting a characteristic of Classical architecture, the Doric Tables bring the body weight of heritage into a present-day environment. The unique shape of the leg manages to be rigid and official but at the exact time decorative and delicate. In the fluted element, a stable stone element gets ornamental, even though keeping the in general geometry of the design and style.”

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Leo Lei interprets his enthusiasm for minimalism into his everyday-up-to-date website Leibal. In addition, you can obtain uniquely built minimalist objects and furnishings at the Leibal Keep.