my scandinavian home: 21 Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Tree ideas

my scandinavian home: 21 Beautiful Scandinavian Christmas Tree ideas

The Christmas tree is the ultimate decoration – and one that completely transforms a home from being a little cosy to all out festive! To me, decorating the tree is a big family tradition and a day we look forward to all year. The carols are playing, the glögg is flowing, and Per is busy untangling the lights while the girls and I delve into the box of decorations! 

In  Sweden, over 69 % of the country is covered in forest, so we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sustainable trees. In fact the trees are so beautiful they don’t need a lot of decorations, just a few lights or candles so the branches can shine. In case you’re looking for some Scandinavian Christmas tree inspiration this year, here are some ideas. Whether you live big or small, prefer a symmetrical or more rustic look, or looking to go all out with something completely crazy – there’s something for everyone here today! Let’s get started. 

The traditional tree

In Sweden you generally have the choice of three Christmas trees: the Rödgran (Picea abies) AKA the red spruce, Norway spruce or European spruce which is the most common. It smells divine BUT, the needles drop – so if you bring it in too early, you’ll be looking at twigs by Christmas Eve!

And then there’s the Kungsgran (Abies nordmanniana / Nordmann fir) with its symmetrical shape and needles that stay fast to the tree or a Silvergran (Abies alba / silver fir) which is native to the mountains of Europe and slightly bushier with a lovely, natural silver sheen. You’ll see examples of all of these in this round-up!

The dining room tree

Everyone has a standard place for their Christmas tree, but why not think a little outside the box this year and find a spot where it can be seen from as many areas as possible. For example, dining with a tree in the background will bring a really cosy, festive touch to every meal! 

Keep an eye out for pretty garlands and touches of red. And notice how Anna’s tree (third picture down) is a little too tall for the room, but it only adds to the charm – after all, the beauty is in the imperfection. 

The rustic tree

Trees made from foraged branches from the forest floor – or simply a tree against a rustic setting make for a really cosy, relaxed feel! 

The propped up tree

Is it just me, or can a tree foot be a really awkward contraption? One year, our tree fell over three times, I’m not kidding- In the end we had to tie to the wall!! We’ve since changed the foot which has made a huge difference, but if you’re concerned about yours, perhaps this decidedly cool, casual ‘leaning against the wall’ business could be an idea. They do need water though so you’d still need something at the foot! 

The wonky tree

I’ve always been intrigued by off-beat trees. Despite my best efforts to bring one in at Christmas, Per can’t quite get used to the idea so we always end up with something more symmetrical. Rogue branches and funny shapes can add so much character and give the illusion that you’ve simply wondered out into the forest and chopped one down (maybe you have!). 

The multiple tree

I’ve seen a few ‘grouped’ tree set-ups on Instagram and Pinterest this year, is this an idea you would consider? 

The mini cat-friendly, small space tree

I love a mini tree – they’re ideal for small spaces and cat friendly! Whether you go for a potted tree or a sapling in water, they’re perfect for adding a festive touch. 

The upside-down tree

I’m tempted to suggest this to Per just to see his face. Either way, it’s different and fun and would make a great talking point, plus it’s a great way to keep the cats away!

The outdoor tree

I love a tree in the garden or on the porch, it spreads so much joy. Plus, you can keep it in a pot or in the ground so it will continue to grow each year. 

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas tree round-up as much as I did. Is there a particular tree / style that resonated with you? 

I’d love to hear more about your Christmas tree traditions (if you celebrate). Have you put your tree up yet? Ours is in the garden waiting to be brought in and decorated this weekend. 

See more Christmas decorating ideas in the Christmas archive (if this pops up first, just scroll on past to reach the other posts). 

Wishing you all a lovely, mysig (cosy) weekend! See you Monday. 


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