Timeless Neutrals Never Go Out of Style — DESIGNED

Timeless Neutrals Never Go Out of Style — DESIGNED

There is a trend these days for bold color in interiors. After years of gray and white, many people are putting some negativity out in social media on neutral interiors.

I understand, it isn’t as eye-catching in an Instagram feed or on the newstands or in a showroom or shop (and goodness knows, designers want to stand out on Instagram :-). It’s also nice to change things up, (if you can afford it and have the energy to redo to follow the trends).

However, neutrals are not a bad thing and are the most versatile to use in an interior that you can build upon and change over the years.

Neutrals are often needed in a boldly colored space. A bright color will look even brighter with a white next to it.

I’ve written a post before about how neutral upholstery pieces can give you more flexibility and perhaps last longer for you than something with a bold or trendy color that you might tire of sooner.

There are plenty of ways to add color to a room, and have it read colorfully, while still having neutrals as a base.

The purpose of this post, is to give you insight and in fact, praise, if you’ve gone in with neutrals in your home. I feel like you’ve made a smart investment in your home by creating a neutral base and no, you don’t have to feel out of style if the design trends shift!

So, after celebrating all the color seen at Highpoint Market this year a few posts back, today, I’m going to celebrate neutrals!

First, I’m going to share some neutral vignettes I saw at Highpoint in my recent trip and I have to say, the word “timeless” immediately came to mind.

Then, I’m going to share good examples of how you can add color to a good neutral upholstery base.

Timeless Neutrals

This medium gray toned room was absolutely lovely, from Mr. and Mrs. Howard at the Sherrill showroom. (If you have a gray sofa, gray walls and gray and white art, don’t let the gray-haters get you down!)

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