Vega Chair by Vilhelm Lauritzen for Carl Hansen & Søn

Vega Chair by Vilhelm Lauritzen for Carl Hansen & Søn

As a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Vilhelm Lauritzen architects, Carl Hansen & Søn is now releasing a selection of unique furniture pieces by the master architect that used to be produced solely for their intended use in the Radiohuset broadcasting building and the Vega concert hall in Denmark.

Vilhelm lauritzen architects: a pioneer of Danish functionalism

Vilhelm Lauritzen is a master architect with quite a legacy. He’s most famous for his Radiohuset, which he designed in 1945, and the complete design, inside and out, is now heritage-listed. Next to Radiohuset, he’s known for the Vega concert hall (1956).

The architect produced every single detail in his buildings, from the door knobs to the mirrors, and light fittings, to the furniture, the sofas in the foyer, and even the modern design typology used in the interior. This uncompromising commitment to the functionalism of his projects produced modern design pieces that are still so relevant today.

Carl Hansen brings two exclusive designs to private homes

Thanks to today’s collaboration with Carl Hansen and Søn, we now have access to two core ideas he exclusively developed for these two renowned buildings at the time: the Foyer series and the VLA26 Vega chair, which are now available for private homes as a tribute to the legendary architect and his contribution to Danish furniture design.

VLA26 Vega Chair: a modernist masterpiece now in production at Carl Hansen & Søn

The Vega chair was originally designed for Vega and up until recently could only be found in its’ historic concert halls. The chairs are stackable and produced with absolute craftsmanship out of steel and wood, finished off with precise upholstery in textile or leather that gives the chair a slender and refined look.

VLA26 is a modernist masterpiece and Vilhelm Lauritzen’s signature aesthetic can be found in the effortless and simple design so typical of designs from Denmark during the last century: functional pieces with ample character.

The design of the Vega stackable chairs

The ergonomics of the chair are well thought through as the back curves to embrace you. The design is available with upholstery for extra comfort or without upholstery, which puts even more focus on the finest craftsmanship of the curved oak and steel.

Finally, the masterpiece, deeply influenced by the functionality and aesthetics of the Vega concert hall, is finished off with wooden feet that lend an artisanal feel to the timeless design chair. This is my personal favorite element on this masterpiece, as it gives it a unique look and feel.

While the Vega chair fits the impressive concert halls that are covered with warm wood elements and graphic tiles perfectly, it certainly has a place in a modern-day interior as well. I tried out the chairs in my neutral-colored interior and I love the way the carefully crafted oak in the seat, back, and feet adds a soft tone to my warm wooden flooring and the way the black steel frame adds these fine and elegant contrasting lines to the setting.

Carl Hansen & Søn: iconic craftsmanship

Vilhelm Lauritzen is one of many mid-century Danish masters to join the Carl Hansen & Søn collection next to names like Hans J. Wegner, Ole Wanscher, Frits Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Kaare Klint, and Poul Kjærholm.

Probably best known for the CH24 wishbone chair designed by Hans Wegner, Carl Hansen and Søn’s bring to life iconic design pieces through the finest craftsmanship and with the highest quality materials. They always work closely together with the families and studios of the exceptional designers, nourishing a long-term relationship to ensure absolute adherence to their visions.

Through the work of these design icons, Carl Hansen & Søn is able to continually reinvent itself and through each of the chairs, tables, stools or even outdoor furniture is keeping Danish design heritage alive with one goal in mind: to gather the best, most iconic modern furniture designs under one roof.

This blog post was written in collaboration with Carl Hansen, however, all opinions are my own. You can read about the Windsor chair in my previous article here, or about the limited edition wishbone chair in collaboration with Ilse Crawford in this article.

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