Vipp Shelter: a modern Scandinavian cabin in the woods

Vipp Shelter: a modern Scandinavian cabin in the woods

The black steel Vipp kitchen in a modern Scandinavian cabin with an all black interior

I wrote about the Vipp shelter in Sweden a long while ago, but since this beautiful cabin recently received a makeover with the newest Vipp furniture pieces and accessories, it was time to write a little update about the two-person living space with large windows and a mesmerizing lake view.

A small living space with an ultra-wide view

The Vipp shelter is only 55m2 (around 600 square feet) big, yet this compact cabin design with a black steel structure has everything a design lover could wish for. The Vipp shelter has a very dark-toned interior from floor to wall to ceiling, to keep the focus on the beautiful surrounding nature.

From the combined living room and kitchen, you have a wide view over the neighboring lake, which can be opened up to live one with nature. Since the kitchen, dining area and lounge area are all in one single space, you can enjoy the woods from anywhere, which makes it a perfect fit for outdoor lovers.

The bedroom is located on the second level of the Vipp shelter, with a skylight that gives you a view of the stars at night. The loft bedroom fits a queen size bed and is located above the Vipp bathroom.

The cabin interior

The cabin is fitted with a Vipp kitchen in black metal which is fully equipped with all the Vipp kitchen accessories. To add a bit of contrast, the full bath has a white metal module, which works well in this space.

Both the dining area and the lounge area got an update with the most recent Vipp furniture release and I think it has a very warm and inviting look.

A modern cabin stay or a prefab home

You can book a visit for 2 nights in this beautiful forest retreat, but you can even order this prefab home and create your own cabin in a remote location of your choosing. The metal structure is so much more modern than a logic cabin and it’s a luxury version of small vacation homes.

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