This $8,700 Shed Is a Swiss Army Knife for Your Garden

Challenge Specifics:

Spot: Czech Republic

Designer: Pin-Up Houses / @pinuphouses

Photographer: Lev Seidl

From the Designers, Pin-Up Residences: “This experimental get rid of is a hybrid among a cabinet and a backyard hut. It is in essence a garderobe for the outside, so we connect with it the Gardenrobe. This 20-by-4-foot construction serves several functions, together with storage spaces that change in dimension, a chicken coop, a rainwater collector, and a modest solar panel that powers a light and stores to charge your gadgets. This special constructing is produced up of picket beams and watertight construction plywood. Considering that Gardenrobe is anchored on floor screws, it can be disassembled and reassembled simply wherever you choose it to stand. This is built possible by an ingenious, red-painted frame which supports the lightweight roof although at the very same time delivering a structure that holds various dimensions of storage boxes. Person areas of the body are secured by nuts and bolts. By far, the dominant element of Gardenrobe is its raised pigeon loft, which provides this horizontal get rid of a useful vertical counterbalance. Gardenrobe proves that even this kind of a widespread and useful composition as a lose can be creatively designed and grow to be an architectural landmark in your backyard garden.”